Day 17: Five Things to be Proud of

(Day 17 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge) It's difficult to write about something I'm proud of. I don't usually flaunt things I really feel happy about. Not that I am ungrateful, but I just want to be silent about them and just feel their presence.  (Life Tip: Don't let people know why you're happy.... Continue Reading →

0006: Brain x Heart

Once upon a time      Like how fairytales begin There were two friends      Who must share everything But came a moment      We all knew will be happening  When Brain said it's wrong      But Heart thought the right thing A war started with a red flag     With... Continue Reading →

0005: You are the One

You're the song that suddenly reaches my ears When my heart tries to forget nightmares and fears You're the raindrop that caresses my skin When I feel raving numbness from deep within You're the living colors that dances with my sight When everything seems dull like black and white You're the scent of flowers that... Continue Reading →

Day 16: Wondering about What Ifs

(Day 16 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge) I reached the point where I had stopped thinking about what ifs. I had them too many times before. They haunted me before I sleep. And every time I woke up in the morning, they immediately tries to creep up. Before, I thought I could easily change... Continue Reading →

0004: Sea of Happiness

This sea of happiness makes me glee With the key to the doors that accept me Not just knee deep but my whole body Something nothing else can guarantee This sea of happiness makes me free With the tree that gives me fruits of fantasy Not just a tea I sip when the clock hits... Continue Reading →

0002: You and the Night

Sometimes, I watch the shining stars at night Smile crosses my face when the sky is bright But as time passes by, I wait for a familiar sight To come near me and be my guiding light When the clock ticks ten, I know it's right To keep my wishes in a bottle not kept... Continue Reading →

Day 15: How it Feels to be a Pisces

(Day 15 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)  Calling all people who were born from February 19-March 20! Yes. We're all in this together because there's a term that unite us all. Our Zodiac sign that is Pisces.  Pisces is symbolized by two fish going the opposite direction.  I can associate my personality with this... Continue Reading →

0001: I Got This Feeling

A weird feeling crawling on my skin Frozen hands keep on pulling Paralyzing, I'm slowly drowning O, strange feelings happening within Odd sparks of cold and heat embracing Just for single breath I'm chasing Ordinary is never a word for loving Time must go along with me and you, everything Pain can never be removed,... Continue Reading →

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