A Message to the Past

You've taken my capability to love. I don't know if I could feel it again someday, but years already passed and I'm still the person whom you've taken a heart from. I don't know if I'll ever be healed...Maybe after one year or two? three? four?...or maybe never...I wanted to be okay again. I should... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Not really a fan of Sparks except for A Walk to Remember (of course). However, he is still one of the trusted authors in my list ...but I'm not really into love stories right now...I'm not a fan of typical adult love stories--those novels in which a man and a woman met, they fell in... Continue Reading →

Dear J

Dear J, I want to love you. I want to love you truly and deeply that you wouldn't need to worry about tomorrow because no matter how many times the sun and moon exchange places, my feelings for you will remain constant. I want to love you. I want to have memories with you. I... Continue Reading →

The Palarong Pambansa Experience

Field Writer. Eto yung stress na gustong-gusto ko kasi masaya...pero mahirap...pero masaya. Andyan yung pangungulit sa mga technical officials kung may result na ba o wala. Sorry po makulit. 🙂 At ang pag-upo ng ilang oras kapapanood kahit nakakangalay na. Yung pagcapture ng mga gymnasts na may kasamang frustrations kasi blurred. Ang lilikot. Tumbling ng... Continue Reading →

Dead End

I reached a point in life where everything seems to be a dead end. Work. Dream. Love. I tried to set my (figurative) sight as far as what it could reach. But I can see nothing more to what "this" is... None!  Many times I walk and move without any feeling to feel. It's like I'm... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 32

Hi! I'm back. There's a lot of things to do but as usual I'm procrastinating again. And I miss blogging so much that I want to post a Sunday Currently today. Also, I have a lot to share since many things are happening lately. Let's better start... Explaining: The featured picture. Succulents. Plants. This is... Continue Reading →

To the Love of my Life 002

You make me feel high. My mind flashes with fireworks. And I don't know how to tame my running, jumping, shouting thoughts. It's euphoria. It's that type of happiness which the word happy will be shy of itself because it's not enough; it's an understatement. Being with you makes my mind run wild. I excruciatingly... Continue Reading →

February Poetry 3 | Survival

This strange feeling When things connive So that you end up Sitting at my side   Then--   I think of all the choices  I made in this little life You're always there The best I ever had Yes, life is cruel Life is hard But love, my love, Loving you  Makes me survive.

February Poetry 2 | Start

It was a sunny morning  And there you were-- with me Smiling, sitting at the table Sipping a cup of coffee Looking at you First hour of the day Makes me wish May this happen  A thousand times  Someday My heart flutters  Dancing with the brush of the wind Then your husky voice Greeted me,... Continue Reading →

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