Stress Reliever

It's the time of the year when classes start in Ph and as a teacher that only means stress, stress, stress. So during my free time, I'm trying to do things I really wanted to do...and keep myself sane.

The Sunday Currently | Volume 20

What a beautiful Sunday it is when Monday is declared a holiday! Yay! Priceless. 😍 Philippines will celebrate it's Independence Day tomorrow and there will be no classes. You're a teacher if you know how biiiiiig deal that would be. Anyway, I skipped last Sunday's post because I wasn't feeling well. Sort of. Not physically... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently | Volume 19

Hi, there. It's a busy Sunday. Somehow. And guess what? It's our last official summer vacation. Teacher's life eh? 😭 So I planned to just lie in bed all day. But I can't. Today's my brother's celebration for his birthday and college graduation so of course I'm tasked to help with the chores.  One thing... Continue Reading →

Love is Love.

As usual, I was on Facebook lazily scrolling until I reached a post in which there's this local celebrity who got married to a businessman who happens to be a lot older than her. So I checked the comments expecting to read positive comments or best wishes and the like. But to my disappointment, I... Continue Reading →

Where Can I Buy Time

Where can I buy time       to hold your hand        until it's hours past nine? Where can I buy time       to make me say      all that I have in mind? Where can I buy time      to have your embrace      until I feel fine.... Continue Reading →

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