"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” ― Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park


8888: Congratulations! You had just moved on!

Cheers to the moment when you had finally decided to move on and just get away from that worst situation which you thought you were nailed to forever. It was really the best decision you ever had done except for the fact that if only you could have done it earlier. Congratulations, at last you... Continue Reading →


2013 had given me more than what this collage can represent. That year was like a chapter of my book that had many turning points: a chapter in which many unknowns had come to place and revealed themselves in front of my naked eyes and a chapter that had revealed many persons inside one dreamer.... Continue Reading →

The Teacup

No one appreciated the Caterpillar, It is always the Butterfly. No one celebrated the Storm, It is always the Rainbow. No one exclaimed how beautiful a Blank Page is, It is always the Poetry. Can't a Teacup be a Teacup Without the Tea?

Cherry on a Cake

With flour, milk, vanilla combined Dreams, hope and reveries’ sign Battered eggs one at a time Trials castigate body and mind. The heats of the oven blaze Melted composure away Created a burning maze For the cake’s perfect shape Other bakers bake for beauty Working only for cherry The icing, the color, the candy Neglecting... Continue Reading →


by Kizzel T. Mina The biggest star tears the black blanket A black parade from somewhere started The dark music of silence was heard Last black steps to the grave Dew on leaves, black clouds painted A black dress wrapped her – Completely embraced her blackness – In a complete black concurrence Raindrops breakdown from... Continue Reading →

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