2013 had given me more than what this collage can represent.

That year was like a chapter of my book that had many turning points: a chapter in which many unknowns had come to place and revealed themselves in front of my naked eyes and a chapter that had revealed many persons inside one dreamer.

A student-teacher who was able to survive her final demo and the whole practice teaching,

A student who had finally received the diploma she was aspiring for for four years,

A daughter who had dedicated a title to her parents who believed she can achieve it even if she, herself, didn’t believe she can do it,

An editor-in-chief who has no other wish but to leave the publication with the grand slam it deserves,

A graduate who was able to work in an institution with the brand she really admires,

A neophyte who passed the licensure exam which will give her the license she needed as a foundation for her chosen profession,

and more importantly…

A person who was given the people she needed in her life,

Including you.


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