What My Pathetic 17-year-old Self was Ranting About…

I am not like her. I know that I can never be like her. My hair is a mes while hers falls perfectly. She is beautiful and I am not. She is intelligent and I am an oaf. Yes. She is popular and I am just this simple girl living in her own little world. I am not even good at anything. I am a complete failure while she is achieving what I call my dream. She is perfect and I’m the exact opposite.  I am really nothing compared to her whatever aspect it might be. And I’m wondering where I got my courage to even compare myself to her. See? I’m really stupid. But maybe… maybe if I’m like her, things would change. Maybe, I would never be neglected, never be denied, never be taken for granted, never be hurt, never plead for affection. But I am only me… I can never be like her. Not even in my dreams. And that made the biggest difference!



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