Ten Thoughts You Have While Chatting With Your Crush

1. Would it be okay if I message him first? Of course, it is! I have an important matter to tell. I have reasons. I am innocent. No malice.

2. Oh wait! I have to proofread it first like a hundred times! Does the word attached have double t’s? Does it even have to be spelled with -ed? Oh spellcheck… C’mon.

3. That “hahahahahahaha” has so many haha’s in it. Isn’t it too flirty? Okay removed one ha. No, remove two. Oh no. Remove five haha’s. Alright. Haha is better. That seems normal now.

4. Nah. Can it be “hehe” instead? That haha makes me like person who laughs so loud. I don’t do Laugh Out Loud in real life. Or can it be hihi instead? But isn’t that even more flirty? Nah!

5. Seriously? Did I just asked a followup question? Am I trying so hard to make a conversation here?

6. (. . .)
*drumrolls *heartbeats Ugh!

7. What takes him too long to answer back?

8. Hey, why didn’t you put a punctuation? A period? A question mark? Or even just a smiley? What would that suppose to mean?
Are you being cold to me? Are you?!

9. Am I sounding too formal here? But how should I say it the other way? I don’t want to sound disrespectful.

10. *Hit Send
Oh, close it now. I can see that check coming. Clooose it now!
✔ Seen 7:21
Ugh! Too late!


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