Things I Do During Rainy Days

1. Opens Facebook and be entertained by everyone’s drama.

2. Comment on every fanpage or group who doesn’t have an idea of who I am.
3. Click on a sale advertisement shouting 99% off!
4. Spend an hour or two on sites roaming for clothes and bags and accessories and clothes again. But not buying any of those at the end.
5. Watch makeup tutorial and I’m not even using makeup.

6. Watch videos of babies. Thinking where to buy one. lol!
7. Stare at the drizzles on your phone’s weather app.
8. Read posts on poetry pages and question my existence.
9. Use my phone’s battery even if I know there wouldn’t be electricity.
10. Think that it’s the best time to read.

11. Be drunk with coffee.

12. Predict whether there would be class the next day.

13. Be emotional. Severely emotional about things that happened “light years” ago.

*list continues as long as rain falls


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