The Sunday Currently | Volume 2

The Sunday Currently volume 02


Slept at around one o’clock because of a “deep” convo. But I woke up early nonetheless because of the alarm clock (though it’s Sunday) banging Ariana Grande/ Nicki Minaj/ Jessie J’s Bang Bang. I guess I need to change my alarm tune/tone(?) because it was not effective I just clicked snooze every time. Anyway, here’s my second entry for The Sunday Currently.

Reading: (supposed to read) The Art of Sylvia Plath. I’ve been a fan since I read her The Bell Jar which talked about a woman who was unsuccessful in killing herself (in many ways) as she was having a hard time coping with adulthood and the indecent lifestyle of her age. Yes, Plath must be the female counterpart of J.D. Salinger.

Listening: Like I’m Gonna Lose You, Meghan Trainor/ John Legend (No explanation needed)

Thinking: How some escape the labyrinth straight and fast. How life can be too short for some.

Craving: Beach-ing.

Hoping: To finish the school paper sooooooonest! To finalize the articles. (Which I’ll continue doing after posting this.)

Feeling: Again, my heavy eyes.

Planning: For this week’s lesson/activities.

Complaining: Jessy and JM’s second breakup. 😭 …because I believe in second chances, that is all.

Smelling: Nail polish that was supposed to be black (as perceived by my eyes) but turned out to be dark green. Now, my nails would look like a stone covered by thick algae. Haha!

Wishing: To finally go to the printing press and be done with the school paper.

Okay. Got to be back to work now…


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