The Sunday Currently | Volume 3

The Sunday Currently | Volume 3


I’m aching all over. (Disclaimer: This is not a melodramatic note.) I just want to forget what had happened but this body pain just reminds me of everything.

Feeling: Pain (physically) on my feet and palms where the splinters went. Shoulders. And a bruise that suddenly appeared on my knee.
Thinking: When my phone was thrown after the impact, I was about to call from others’ cellphone. Then I realized that I can’t memorize any phone number aside from that one which I am not suppose to call.
Hoping: To recover asap and get back to work.
Planning: Next week’s lesson and activities
Craving: Wintermelon!
Reading: Printers’ specs (O, hindi libro!) Any suggestion? Brand?
Wishing: To see you.
Realizing: Life’s too short. Why not do things you really love to do? Why not be with that person you wanted to be with?
(Now, that’s melodramatic!)

I’ve been late in posting this volume. I was sleeping the whole time.

(Let me just use the pine trees as background here. Yes. Stress-reliever.)


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