The Sunday Currently | volume 5



Sunday means staying at a comfort zone. Literally. Every weekday, we face challenging tasks (sometimes too much to bear). Then there’s Sunday which make us feel home without even trying.

Reading: God, I miss reading books so much I can’t breathe. Note the exaggeration.

Listening: Demons by Imagine Dragons 🎢
Don’t get too close/ It’s dark inside/ It’s where my demons hide…

Thinking: Letting go.

Complaining: Prejudice. Prejudgment. Most of the times, people use only their eyes rather than their brains. Most of the times, society judges based on appearance–too young, too fat, too thin, too tall, too short… I can’t understand. We ostracized people who are not average. Dull world.

Craving: Peace of mind?

Hoping: Bravery to keep me sane in this adult world.

Planning: Plot twists when I reach 25.

Feeling: Prejudged. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

Hah! Melodrama. I’m starting to hate Saturdays! 😫 But as long as there is this comfort zone to keep me every Sunday, I guess I’ll still be okay. Okay? Hmm. Okay.


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