The Sunday Currently | Volume 6


For the first time after a long time, I’ve never been this stress-free. And heres to the last two weeks of work for this year! Yay! Holiday feeeeeeels!

Wearing: A checkered dress bearing “Weekend I love you” which I can’t agree less.

Feeling: Tired yet happy. Just got home from an afternoon date with my besties! ❤️❤️❤️

Thinking: Tomorrow’s pre-RSPC workshop of students.

Eating: Chona’s delight from Xperiments! 🍮

Hoping: For the last two weeks to pass swiftly.🏇🏼

Planning: Where to go this coming vacay???

Wishing: Move on entirely this coming 2016! (Meh ganun?) 😆

Complaining: I feel bad that I didn’t attend this year’s JW regional convention. (I need to be emotionally stable first.) 🤕

Realizing: Everyone has their own side of the story. The only secret so as not to be stressed…don’t ever give a damn about anyone’s rant. Listen but again…do not ever give a damn. Care less. That’s the secret.

Twelve more days to go. I’ve never craved for vacation this much! 🙈

#sundaycurrently #weekend #shirt #dress #statementshirt


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