The Sunday Currently | Volume 7


Yes! A Sunday with a mason jar. 🍺 One of the things I love aside from polaroids, books and coffee! 😍

Anyway, I just got home from a certain place I would never go back to again in terms of gift-buying. For a socially anxious person like me who can’t bear to be in a crowded place unless it’s a super club 😁 or a concert or what…that city is not for me.

Drinking: Sugar honey iced tea. I like (for sarcasm purposes) the hidden word formed if you combine the first letters of these four words. Something I learned from college which I can never forget. 😅

Feeling: Maybe tired. Maybe happy. I’m not that sure.🙄

Wearing: Stripes. (which I can’t get enough of…)

Thinking: A certain hashtag which I also want to be attributed to me. 😂

Counting: How “much” was left for vacation without harming my self-deemed maintaining balance. Haha.

Looking: Clip lens. I’ve been checking Lazada’s affordable offer but I have doubts regarding the arrival of the item because of holiday traffic. (Baka next year na dumating!) 🤕

Craving: For RSPC. Haha!

Hoping: Was there still hope to begin with? Char! 😂😂😂

Complaining: Backstabbing. (I don’t trust people talking on someone else’s back.) Why not just live…laugh…and love? 😝

Missing: Mga ganap last year ‘pag December. 😁

Hoooraaayy for the last five days or less before the vacation. Yay! 😭


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