The Sunday Currently | Volume 8


Vacation finally starts! Now, I’ve realized that I had piled too many books to be read for just two weeks…

Reading: Four books. How’s that? I’m far behind Goodread’s 2015 challenge. 😭

Hoping: Travel somewhere…beachy. Picturesque, I should say. 🏝

Looking: Travel buddy. Anyone?

Thinking: I’m too absorbed by what I’m currently reading. The Time Traveler’s Wife. I can relate to the main character–loving someone who’s not in your present time. Something like that.

Craving: Something new.

Worrying: My mindless spending.

Complaining: The weather which makes my skin itchy and my lips dry. 🤕

Feeling: Groggy. These are the days when I sleep at 12 midnight and woke up at 12 midday. Yes. My real body clock!
Here’s to these days when I wouldn’t think of anything to do aside from what I desire. Freedom. ✌🏻️


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