The Sunday Currently | Volume 9


It’s really a vacation when you can’t remember the day… Inaasa mo na lang sa kung anong palabas sa t.v. Even with the presence of your phone, promise…di mo talaga alam kung anong araw na! 😭 That’s why this week’s TSC came late…

Feeling: The comfort provided by white bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets. Oo. Dapat white talaga. It’s like lying on clouds. Promise! I’ll never try any other color. 

Reading: The Time Traveler’s Wife. Read, actually. Past tense. Sa sobrang ganda nung book ayaw ko ng ibalik sa isang classroom na pinagkuhanan ko. (Lakas maka Liesel Meminger. If you know what I mean.)

Listening: KMJS on t.v. which main use is to be a background only.

Complaining: Nasty comments. Why not tell something nice rather than nasty?

Craving: Shakey’s Coffee Chip. 😭

Wishing: that my future research panel will let me have a literary criticism as my thesis. I’ll do it wholeheartedly if and only if payagan nila ako. ❀️

Realizing: Freedom is myth.

Thinking: Priorities. 

Last week of 2015. And last week of vacay! πŸ˜‘


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