The Sunday Currently | Volume 10

 Volume 10

Is it too late to say sorry este to post this TSC? This really came late because of my denial stage that tomorrow is the official end of kain-tulog-basa-nood-internet-kain-tulog days. Sakit noh? Saklap, dre. Pati ba naman bakasyon, hihiwalayan ka? 😭 

Feeling: Tired. Arrived home some hours ago from a wedding. Gandang simula ng taon. Pumapag-ibig agad. 😍

Thinking: I don’t even want to think na may pasok na bukas! 💔 Waking up 10:00 in the morning during the vacation… How can I do that 6:00 wake up call? 

Planning: Lesson plan. Chos! 😂

Listening: Justin Bieb’s Love Yourself. Sa tingin ko pinalitan lang yung f-word ng love. Make sense right?

Craving: Vacation! Haha!

Realizing: I must be thankful though that I have a job. And must accept that’s vacation is over. (Ayan. Acceptance stage na.) 😭

Less than 100 days before April. Haha. Nagbibilang na ano? Pero maraming ganap ngayong January. May the Force be with us! Ganern. 👍🏻


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