The Sunday Currently | Volume 11


It’s a weak-end! I’m not suppose to post a TSC for this week because unluckily among other days, today my body decided it’s so hot it hurts. Yep. Fever. And I’m not in our place but in a far away land in a kingdom by the sea. 😭
Feeling: ILL. I was stressed last week and therefore a weekend rest is much needed but here we are in a distant place–of course for job purposes.

Reading: Awake as one of the reviewers for Sci-Tech Feature. 

Thinking: Survival.

Listening: The noise of the air conditioner.

Craving: Vacation. Weekend. Rest.

Planning: Strategy to finish my three research proposals for Saturday.

Complaining: Weekends need respect. It’s a time for rest. Working from Monday to Friday. Studying on Saturday. And Sunday is the only day most of us have to rest. Why not repect the idea of me-day or family day? Now with this fever, my body seems to be telling me, ” Hey! We need some rest, don’t we?”

Thanking: Seeing some people whom I haven’t seen for a long time. ❤️

Thanking (part 2): Good thing we’re not sleeping in the classrooms as what have been assigned. If we did, I wouldn’t know how to pacify this fever. 😭

Hoping: Positive results. Anyway, we’re joining the RSPC and for a beginner, that’s already something for me. 

So that’s it for this very stressful week. And another stressful week right ahead. RSPC and Math Fest all in just one week. Pak. Night folks! 


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