Thoughts I have before I sleep

Weird nights happened when you totally wonder where on earth did that sleep go and you can’t even have your eyelids closed. You’re so hyper. And then your thoughts wander to every direction there is like:

1. Why did I freaking do that 2 years ago? Shame! (Unforgettable moment na sa sobrang pagka-unforgettable eh wala ka namang maalala!) 😭

2. Lord, why do I keep receiving positive comments. Am I going to die or something?

3. Lord, don’t let me die young. I have a lot of books to read yet. (Books talaga yung rason?)

4. Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?

5. How many days more before vacation? 20? 21? 22? (Galing ko talagang magbilang.)

6. Maybe there would be a lot of paperworks coming.

7. Ugh. That unsaved document I was writing!!!

8. Did I apply my facial cleanser? Too far from bed. Let’s skip tonight.

9. What could be a good subject for painting?

10. Matry ngang magphotoshopped ng picture ni Cara.

11. Aha! I had coffee a while ago. (Kaya pala!)

12. I miss the noise in a concert!

13. What will happen tomorrow?

14. …

15. zzz


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