I still think about you when the clock hits 2 AM and am about to sleep but can’t. I still think about you when it’s 2 PM and I just ended my first class in the afternoon and am supposed to be busy.

I still would want to sleep back once I dreamt of you. And when I met you somewhere, I still fight a huge urge to come running to you. I still hold myself from bombarding you with good morning messages no matter how unnecessary you think they are. And you must have no idea how it’s hard for me not to let this love flow.

I still have you in mind once I hear love songs played in the radio. I still see you in every movie I watch, in every book I read, and in every artwork I do.

I still crave for your presence in every sunset, rainfall, storm, and full moon. Every night and day. Always.

Believe me, I still talk to God about you.

I always pray He’d keep you safe and make you happy because that would be just the same as mine. You know, I have this tendency to always say to Him that you’re a good person and you deserve nothing but wellness in life. With or without me.

But I still hope. I still wish. I still pray it’s with.


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