Sunday Currently | Volume 12

I think it’s about time to have Sunday Currently back after almost a year of hiatus. Hooray!

Anyway, I want to use the photo above. Exuding sadness right? I hope so. That’s how gloomy I am these past few days. A lot had disappointed me no matter how hard I try to be positive. I don’t know. Let’s just use Sunday to stare at the window or wall maybe?

Feeling: Great? Is it possible to feel great and sad at the same time? haha Maybe, I feel too idealistic. I got this too much enthusiasm to start writing again.

Reading: Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. I’m just starting to read it. And I must say Murakami is at it again. I mean, what am I suppose to do with a cat talking about shadows being half dark than ordinary shadows of people?

Thinking: Of soooo many things I want to do. I want to draw, paint. read, play the guitar, write, and watch movies or k-Dramas. But I only got this limited Sunday. Ugh.

Craving: I want to eat fries! And sundae and float and spaghetti and fried chicken. (Obvious bang Jollibee?) haha

Wishing: For things to clear up somehow. My thoughts are too crowded.

Wishing Again: That my students will perform well on their final show of Romeo and Juliet.

Missing: Old times of course.

Hoping: To go somewhere beachy. Hayy. One day, I want to build a house near a beach.

Loving: I still can’t get over with the BBC live interview of Prof. Kelly where in his kids barged in. The best video that effortlessly made me feel good about the world. Especially how Marion in her yellow outfit dancing her way to her dad and just parking beside him unmindful of what’s happening. She’s my spirit animal indeed! Marion, you’re a superstar baby!

So that’s it for Sunday. Let’s end it here. 50-50. So-so. Life is full of things that make us happy and sad at the same time. Who are we to choose? We’re just here to look at the side we want to.


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