He must be somewhere out there

I guess I haven’t met him yet. 

I got this weird feeling that he must be somewhere out there. Maybe, he’s not somewhere near. Maybe, he’s not in this small town or nearby city. Maybe. Or maybe he’s on the other side of this planet. 

Oh. There must be something remarkable about him. For so long, I’ve looked into everyone’s eyes and souls and haven’t found that thing I’m looking for. I know he must have it.

Wait. Is he still breathing? Is he still roaming the roads of this world? I hope so…

And one thing is for sure, if both of our worlds collide, we will both know. And for the both of us, that would be the best collision ever.

I’m sooooo looking forward to meet him. πŸ’š

(This note was taken from the author’s journal dated January 31, 2013.)

UPDATE 2017: She haven’t met him yet. 


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