Naming This Blog is like Naming a Baby

I haven’t thought of a remarkable baby’s name yet. It had crossed my mind a lot of times…naming a baby. But of course, it will come later…or never. I don’t know. 

Anyway, that must be the reason why I realized by now how important the name of this blog will be. I now understand how nomenclature can drove someone crazy and frustrated.

First of all, I got tired of the initial long name of this blog “Read. Write. Draw. Sing. Paint” and also I realized that The Hobby Hoarder is nor that unique. Thanks to Google.

So here I am having a hard time naming this blog. I want it to be short but it can effectively reflect what this blog is all about. I also want it to be simple yet witty; raw yet striking. (Ang daming arte. Ang daming alam!)

Anyway, I want it to start somehow with the letter K or my initials. But I was unexpectedly having a hard time looking for that positive K word. Why is it that the first word that comes to my mind is KILL? Seriously brain, what’s up there?

So, I decided to consult Mr. Webster and I was able to meet a cute K-word:

Kooky (adjective)

  • crazy, offbeat

Then it occurred to me that I can add the word Jar to add more cuteness into it. A blog that contains crazy and offbeat contents. Definitely, Kooky Jar is what I have been looking for.

But as I started to celebrate because I have been witty, I know, I began to check if I was the only one who thought of it… And guess what. Obviously, the answer is NO.

So, I definitely ran out of options. And the only thing left is to use a C that is pronounced as K. I’ll need to change the spelling as a sign of rebellion or something. (Eto na naman tayo. Daming arte. Daming alam!)

 And after a while, I realized that the word creative would do good. Kreative Kraft. So once again, I checked. And guess, what.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

That led me to remember a significant phrase for me. More is Less. 

And I checked again. And guess what.

O c’mon!

I still don’t want to give up. So I think of more words that will do with the word Creative. I came up after with Kreative Korner.


What? Seriously?

Ano ba? (What the?) haha. Wrong translation alert!

After a while, I stopped thinking and did the FB mindless scrolling. I came across a picture of a unicorn. (I love unicorns!) 

And from there, I came up with UniqueKorn!

And so I checked.

Anak ng Unicorn! World, why are you doing this to me? Pangit ba ako? Kapapalit-palit ba ako? Then why?

And then I was about to give up. But I decided to think more. Last na. Promise. 

I thought of the phrase: 


  • a person who has many skills 
  • a person who can do many differentjobs

I shall replace Jack with the first syllable of my name, Kizzel, of course. And voila!

KIZZ of all Trades

And nope. Nobody haven’t thought of it yet. *wink

Aww. I still love you unicorns! But it’s my name that saved me.

So ladies and gents, the birth of Kizz of all Trades


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