Resignation Letter àla TFIOS

DISCLAIMER: This letter was written two years ago (c. 2015) before I left my first ever job as a professional teacher. The name of the school has been deleted.

Dear Ma’am:

My work appointment at a new school is not a secret to you. So let this letter be not much of resignation but of gratitude. (And let this letter break the formality of resignation letters I have been teaching my students.)

It was June 10, 2013 when this institution had given me the opportunity to have my first job. It was my choice and I was chosen.

The trust you had given me that time had open many opportunities for me to learn and develop my teaching craft. The coursewares had widened my knowledge in terms of subject matter and teaching methodologies. In addition, the school had taught me the essence of second chances—the act of understanding each student’s predicament and trying to save them from it. This school made me realized that students are not just walking numbers but more of humans with a single light of hope.

It was beyond my expectation to have more than what a first job would offer. I met equally wonderful people who made the laborious tasks more enjoyful and less stressful. Indeed, you and the faculty and staff make it even harder to leave.

This piece of paper is not enough for the squeal of the contents of my grateful heart. But one thing is for sure,  the yellow-and-blue mark will remain inside it. No one forgets their first, right?

I learned a lot. I learned to be open, to meet people, to interact, and to deal. I learned to save, to spend and wait for the next 15th and 30th days of the month. I learned to listen to stories, jokes, and complaints. Yes, it is just work but it was still Real Life.

The school gave me so much to remember within two years, and I am more than grateful.

God bless. Until we meet again.

Sincerely Yours,

Kizzel T. Mina (SGD)



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