Two Worlds | Para Kay B

I am watching the first episodes of a kDrama, W: Two Worlds.

This greatly reminds me of a novel written by Ricky Lee (a Filipino writer famous for breaking literary conventions and traditions).

In his novel Para Kay B (For B), he created a story within a story in which the writer in the book he had written communicates with the characters of the book the writer had written in the book the real writer had written. Wait. Am I even making sense?

Anyway, just like the kDrama, W: Two Worlds, Para Kay B also involves the interaction of two worlds, that of reality and fiction. They are very much the same on the concept but I’m certain, they differ in plot, characters, and theme. 

Para kay B revolves around the funny, crazy, and conventions Filipinos have with regards to love. I’m not sure yet with the W:Two Worlds tho. (Hello? I’ve just watched the first two episodes.)

So, I was reminded to check again the book and I was glad to read again the funniest and wittiest lines. Here are the 11 best quotes I have highlighted:

1. Umiibig ka kasi nang di mo pa nalalaman ang ibig sabihin ng pag-ibig. 

2. May quota ang pag-ibig. Sa bawat limang umiibig, isa lang ang magiging masaya.

3. Pero meron sa lima, harangan man ng kulog, ng mga ganid, ng lindol at ng teknolohiya, mahahanap niya ang kanyang mahal. Siya lang ang magiging maligaya.

4. Magkukunwari na namang lovey-dovey alang-alang sa mga bata at conjugal properties.

5. At ang nagugutom na sambayanan ay lalong naging desperadong ma-in love.

6. Ano ang laban nila dito? Ang sa kanilang dalawa ay pag-ibig lamang. Pero matatag. 

7. The love that dares not speak its name is the most powerful love of all. For my love transcends boundaries and reaches out to the unloved, the unsure and the unloving.

8. Maski di mo maintindihan ang sarap basahin. Devastate. O di ba? Conjure. Proposition. Ang sarap pakinggan!

9. Ang hapdi ng umibig ng walang kapalit.

10. Hindi lang dapat love story ang maging kuwento namin. People’s lives are more complex than that.

11. And although he never fell in love again, he grew old with a fondness for people who fall in love.

Note: If it happens that you cannot understand Filipino/ Tagalog and want to know the meaning of the above quotes, feel free to ask me for translation. 😉


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