I am not her

I am not like her. I can never be like her.

My hair is a mess while hers falls perfectly. She is beautiful. I mean, look at her; you’d definitely say it instantly. Me? You need to be with me for hours (or days maybe) to even realize that. Yes, you need to dig deeper to find that slight chance of beauty in me.

She is popular while I am just this simple girl living in her own little world. I am just this ordinary stranger you’d bump into while there she is—achieving what I call my dream.

She might be even perfect and I’m the exact opposite.  I am really just this nothing compared to her whatever aspect it might be.

Now, I’m wondering where I got my courage to even compare myself to her. See? I’m really non-sense.

So maybe… maybe if I’m like her, things would change. Maybe, I would never be neglected, never be denied, never be taken for granted, never be hurt, never be deprived of affection.

But I am only me… I can never be like her. Not even in my dreams.

And it makes a big difference.

© Kizzel Mina,

Written: September 8, 2011



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