Day 4: A Day in the Life of Me

(Day 4 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

I don’t know but I was very eager to do this. For a person like me who has “OC” (obsessive-compulsive) tendencies, listing and organizing are two of my favorite tasks. 😂

I guess, I had a class before when I let my students list their tasks for a day. I think that was ComArt 1 when I was teaching in college?  (And this might be the karma.) haha

Anyway, the writing prompt said “bullet your day” but I wanted to make it more detailed. I didn’t use bullets, I used the time when I did the thing. 

So let’s start the day, when my alarm clock, I mean, my mother woke me up:

6:20 Mom woke me up. I reacted but dozed off again.

6:30 Mom woke me up for the second time with louder voice so I know it’s real time. I got up immediately.

6:35 Went to the kitchen then checked my Facebook, Instagram and WordPress accounts. Started eating.

6:40 Thought about last night’s convo. 💖 Daydreaming.

7:00 Finished eating. Charged my phone. Brushed my teeth. 😁

7:20 Done taking a bath.

7:23 Started all the rituals. Preppin for work.

7:35 On my way to work.

7:40 Makeup time.

7:45 Signing clearances.

8:46 Snacks (featuring siomai and shanghai)

9:00 Practice for Moving Up Ceremony

9:41 Stressed with the practice

10:09 Rehearsals done! Omo. My limbs hurt.

10:18 Eating grapes.

11:10 Started working for the PowerPoint slides of the Junior High Completers for the Moving Up Ceremony

11:34 Done with one section

11:45 Out

12:02 Ate lunch

12:20 Lie in bed. Worked in the overdue post for the 3rd Day of the Writing challenge

12:50 Woke up from an unplanned nap.

12:50 Preppin for work again.

1:00 On my way back to school.

1:05 Time in.

1:30 Continued working on the slides for the Moving Up Ceremony

1:56 Done!

2:48 Still working on my post for the 3rd day. 

2:50 The search for halo-halo. Haha. Why so hot, Philippines?

3:28 Enjoying halo-halo.

3:45 Bottom’s up!

4:10 Sleepy.

4:30 Out

4:35 Home Sweet Home

4:40 Snacks again

5:00 Capturing photos of my top thirteen books for Day 3 Writinng Challenge

5:30 Playing guitar (today’s must learn song: Your Universe by Rico Blanco)

5:45 Surfing the web to remember quotes from my favorite books

6:15 Still on net. Lying on bed.

7:00 💖

7:15 Played guitar (sang my heart out. Coldplay’s concert is today. Let me sulk and sing Fix You) 💔

My capo was just a pencil! Haha. Novice here.

7:35 Ate dinner

7:48 Done with all the ceremonies before bed.

7:52 Back to bed. (You must have realized by now how I love my bed.)

7:54 Heard news about Coldplay. Shut up! 😭

8:00 Facebook

8:08 Reading the news explaining the cold weather. (Hello? Summer na diba?)

8:10 Let’s start blogging.

8:15 Facebook got my attention again.

8:24 Let’s really start blogging.

8:29 Saving draft. Open laptop.

8:38 Editing and searching for photos for the blog. (A blog talking about blog?) haha

9:04 Editing

9:32 Posted!

9:33 Another one. My entry for today’s topic.

9:48 Saddened.

10:00 Kinilig. Mood swings! 😂

10:05 Listening to Side to Side by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj because someone said so…

10:23 Checking blog’s stat

10:23 I think I should sleep.

11:01 Wide awake. Still writing

11:30 Call ended. Good night. 💤

11:40 I forgot to apply my facial cleanser.

11:45 Good night na talaga! For real! 😴

I was supposed to take this photo with wide awake eyes but the cam captured the second I closed my eyes.

Okay. That was a glimpse of my not-so ordinary working day. 😂 Omo, I enjoyed this one! I mean writing this one. Until tomorrow, my love! 😘

(Date: April 4, 2017)


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