The First 100 is the Hardest

Today, this blog, The Kizzes of All Trades, has reached 100 followers. 

This shouldn’t be something to be written about. It’s nothing to make a fuss over. But I’m just happy to reach more people (more people than none). 😁

The first 100 reminds me of a line from John Green’s Looking for Alaska, lying on page 83:

But for me let it be the first 100 because I might not reach the one million mark! 😂

When I started this blog in 2015, I have nothing in mind. I have no purpose. In Filipino, “trip trip lang.” I just feel like doing it–with no apparent reason. Matawag lang na blogger kuno. That’s why after a while, I lost enthusiasm. 

But after two years, I’m back. Maybe, I realized I hold too much thoughts on my mind already. And I need something to vent those thoughts out. Or maybe I was triggered by Paulo Coelho’s book, Brida. It encouraged me to choose my path. And I want to risk it with writing.

I faced my fears with writing. Yes, I was afraid to write, to confront my thoughts, and to put them into words. I thought it would be that difficult to express what I feel. It would be that difficult to find the exact words. I was right. But that doesn’t mean I should not write. 

I might not express my thoughts and feelings as intense as they are. But at least, I’m expressing.

So this is how it feels? To figure out my purpose in life. (Big word) Or let me say it in a more poetic way:

To figure out what my soul had desired to do ever since.

Oh. This shouldn’t be a long post. I was supposed to just say thanks for clicking that blue button and be one of my first 100 followers. If not, please do so. Kidding! If not, I hope someday my posts can convince you to do so.

Okay. I’m getting wordy again. So thank you. And always remember that I wouldn’t mind having you as my guest to every post I make. 

By the way, (I’m wordy for real) I checked your blogs too and I’m happy to share this passion with people who share the same, to reach people in a deeper and meaningful level I cannot easily have in my everyday life.

Pleasing people with my thoughts rather than with my appearance is way better. I’m good at it anyway.

That’s why, it feels like home here. See you around, friends. Thanks again. Love lots! 💕

Kinikilig na thank you! 😂


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