Day 6: On Mainstream Music

(Day 6 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

This prompt was like a topic given by a professor. Maybe the topic is relevant but to me, it’s something I haven’t thought about. 

That’s why it took me so long to finish this. But I did my best to do my duty… Er. I tried not to write this for compliance’s sake. 

Music is always a part of our everyday life. So hahanapin ko yung pake ko. I’ll look for… (what’s pake in English?) I’ll see if I care? haha. (No word-for-word translation detected.) Shout out to our Translation subject back in college.

Actually, I’m a music lover. But sad to say, music doesn’t love me back. (Among others that I love that can’t love me back. Hugot.) Nakakatampo na nga eh. It makes me sulk.

When I sing, I’m amenable that it definitely sounds like water at a boiling point or a screeching noise of chalk on blackboard. Gah. What a comparison. 

But I do have a say on music. Tama. May pake pala ako. (Yeah. I do care.) But since the prompt say mainstream music, I would try to focus on it.

What I understand when we say mainstream music is that it pertains to songs that are greatly received by the majority. These are the songs that make it to Billboard Charts. 

But aside from that I got this connotation that when something is tagged as mainstream music these are what the elders won’t approve because these songs tend to be too noisy for them. Or these are the songs they think are meaningless and too different from the songs of their times.

Honestly, I don’t subscribe to tagging songs as mainstream or overrated. I just don’t believe in that. I realized it’s one of those mainstream things I can’t hate. 

Here are the three main reasons why:

1. Music connects to our soul.

Music has different genres. So nobody can say no to it. It has variations that suit to anybody. In fact we can revise a famous saying and say,

“Tell me the songs you love, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

For me, I can’t pinpoint any particular genre. Simply, there are just songs that connect directly to my soul. The melody, the rhythm and the lyrics are interwoven to communicate to me.

So whether it’s mainstream or not, I can jive to it. As long as, my soul agrees.

2. Music makes us remember (and forget).

All of us have songs in our playlists that are kept there but we tend not to listen to them every time. That’s because they remind us of so many things. But let’s admit that we can’t delete them. We want to keep parts of our memories that way.

It can be a song you heard during that significant moment. It can be a song he/she dedicated or sang to you. It can simply be a song he/she likes. So even if it’s mainstream, if it’s a song that reminds you of someone or something then it is not bad at all. 

3. Music gives us little infinities.
This is to explain the other part of number 2. Music helps us to forget. You know that instant when you hear that song at the right place and at the right time?

These are the moments which are priceless. No money can buy these moments. And only these get better with music–mainstream or not.

This article is sooooo overdue. Many things are happening and music is not that quite relevant right now. But see? I do still have a say. 

Thanks for reading and you might also want to share your views. Or better yet, your favorite songs. I would love to listen to them. 🎧🎤🎼


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