Day 7: My Top Pet Peeves

(Day 7 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

No matter how kind-hearted persons we are (as if πŸ™„ haha), there are still things we find annoying. We still meet people who test our waters. They want to challenge the fact that we are really that good. 

If we’re unfortunate, we come across these things and people during our worst days. And because we are so peevish: easily irritated by these unimportant things, we don’t wonder why people call them Pet Peeves.

We all have them! For me, I’ll focus on humans. I want to use the word humans because it make me feel like I’m only talking about breathing creatures. I’m not being rude here. Just honest. C’mon. We’ve been on the irritated side once in a while.

Here we go:

1. Humans who only remembers you when they need something. It’s like they try to ask you how are you first then you know what will be the next thing. They’ll ask for favor. And it would be more annoying if they ask immediately. (Wala man lang effort. 8888 ba ako?)

2. Humans who have too many excuses. They will never run out of it. Why not just tell me whether you can or not? It also makes me feel that you’re just fooling around with me. I hate to break it to you but I am not a fool to begin with. πŸ™„πŸ˜‰

3. Humans who think the world revolve around them and have very high regard of themselves. They love using the pronouns “I” and “me” Sila na ata ang tagapaligtas ng mundo. (Are they going to save the world?) They tend to tell a lot about themselves. Hey people? Who cares?

4. Humans who are trying tooooo hard. It isn’t bad to try. But trying too hard is too much. I can smell it when a person is too hungry for something. And I don’t like that.

5. Humans who are tooooo noisy. Okay. There are extroverts around here. I got no problem with them. But there are just these humans who are insensitive. They’re so loud it seems like they’ve bought the whole place.

6. Humans who are passive aggressive. Mga pasimple in Tagalog. If you want it then do it, say it… Please don’t go around the bush.

7. Humans who shove past me especially when in a crowd. The reason why I hate being in crowd. There are just people who wouldn’t mind hurting others just so they can make their. 

8. Humans who ask too many unnecessary questions esp. when I’m not in the mood. Small talks. Basic questions. I don’t want to be part of such conversations.

9. Humans who post too many selfies in a single post (even put them in a collage) with too many non-sense hashtags. You know those words that can’t be hashtags because they’re not a trend. Hello? What’s the use of hashtags, anyway? 

10. Humans who expresses themselves in English but fail because of incorrect grammar. I’m not being a grammar Nazi nor an English teacher here. But if you can’t express yourself well in the language why bother? Why should you harass the beauty of English language? Why should you let yourself be humiliated by violating the basic rules? Please don’t.

I didn’t try to describe a particular person. If you’re guilty about it, let it pass. We can’t have separate planets to live in. And don’t worry. I’m not rude. In fact, I’m patient to deal with these pet peeves. But still remember that:

How about you? Surely, you have your own pet peeves. I’ll be happy to hear from you. Let’s complain and rant here. Hehe.


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