I Want to Travel with You

I want to travel with you. I want to capture as many photographs of you in front of scenic backgrounds. Although for me, you’re scenic alone. 

I want to hold your hand. And squeeze it tightly every time the bus would speed up because you know how traumatized I am with buses and roads. 

I want to lay my head on your shoulder every time the journey would be tiring. You know how I consider your arms as my home.
I want to eat with you. Let’s devour different food we haven’t tasted. And taste the fruit of this Earth that encloses us.

I want to see those moments as you watch sceneries in awe. Let’s be amazed by the things we should see for the first time. And let’s rediscover those we should have seen together before. 

I want to share my earphones with you. Let’s listen to our favorite songs that go with the beat of our hearts.

I want to be lost with you. Let’s figure out where shall we go. Let’s get away now, my love. This is an adventure that no one can stop.

“Hey, I want to travel with you.”

“I want that too.”

“I want you.”


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