Day 8: What I ate today

(Day 8 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

This post was delayed for four days. But my narration would stick to the day it was assigned (April 8), Saturday Philippine time. πŸ˜‰

I’m not comfortable talking about what I ate. I hate the question “What did you eat for lunch?” I find it unnecessary to talk about things like that. It’s quite weird for me to enumerate my stomach’s content. haha

Anyway, I’ve been violating some of my own rules for this month’s writing challenge. And if you ask me what I ate today, well, I wouldn’t mind telling them. At least, today. 

So, I woke up late, 9:30 to be exact. It was Saturday anyway. I love weekends because:

 1) I’m not a morning person,

2) I can stick with my body clocks and,

3) I can do anything I want. 


I went to the kitchen and saw the remaining brownies inside the refrigerator.

 I bought them to be eaten during the Moving Up Ceremony and Recognition Program last Saturday night. But I was too busy emceeing, I got no time to eat. So they’re meant for breakfast with creamy coffee. Ah. Saturday mornings…

During lunch, I ate with the fam. We had dinengdeng with upo and fried bangus

To be specific, we call it Buridibud nga Tabungaw (upo). It is a type of dinengdeng, an Ilocano cuisine, with a mixture of native vegetables like diced upo and kamote boiled with bagoong (fish sauce) and topped with grilled or fried fish. 

After lunch, a friend texted me that our meet up (which was planned many years ago haha) would be today’s afternoon at Vigan City. Finally! πŸ˜‚

We’re supposed to stay at a KTV bar but we decided to look for some other place since it was just 3:00 PM. We first checked Bistro Amarillo, but the door said (the door said? haha) that it would only be opened at 5:00 PM during weekends. Then, a bright idea popped on someone else’s mind (not sure who among us) to try the Korean BBQ house along the entrance of Vigan.

After we entered the Hanguk BBQ House and choose among the tables, the waiter (how shall we call them in Korean?) approached us and gave the menu. We gave the honor of ordering the food to our friend who was understood to pay it because he just came from Hawaii. πŸ˜‚

He chose some grilled dishes which I later learned as Galbi.

 It’s a dish made of marinated pork ribs. What I liked about it was that it was cooked on a grill set on the table. So we watched as smoke appeared and the pale meat later turn to brown. After the pork followed the beef ribs which was cooked similarly.

We wrapped it in lettuce leaves and other side dishes (Banchan). I don’t know how they call them exactly in Korean. 

I can identify the kimchee (thanks to kdramas I have been watching). There were also brasied baby potatoes, quail eggs (itlog pogo lang pala! haha), stir-fried anchovies (dilis lang ata to eh!), and thinly sliced mango. 

The food was okay. I can’t say it’s great. I only ate the pork and the side dishes because I’m not fond of beef. I only touched the lettuce once. Not a fan of vegies too. πŸ˜”

Then we had Coke as drinks. I hope they also have some Korean drinks. What do Koreans traditionally drink, anyway? Water? Tea?

Anyway, it was fun having some friends from my previous work. By the way, I was the only girl and I feel like I’m one of the boys. Haha. 

I don’t want to talk anymore about this. Food blogging is not really for me. I had a hard time looking for terms and all. This is the problem when the only thing I know how to cook are cup noodles! Cup noodles? Is that even cooking? Haha!

Anyway… 정말 λ§›μžˆμ–΄! 

Jeongmal mashisseo!

Really delicious!


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