Day 9: On the Extravagance of Education

(Day 9 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

I find today’s prompt quite bland. It’s like a food served to me every other day, I can’t have any excited brain cells for it. But I’ll try to be creative without sounding scholarly.

As a teacher and a part of the education world, I can share the ins and outs about education that I know. But I am not in the mood for that. 

In fact, I don’t want to stress myself on describing the complicated system that lies in the simple term Education.

Certainly, we had met Education along the roads of life. We might had a good feeling about it so we befriended it. But there are also those who felt irritated as they asked, “Hey, do we really need you here?” “Does the money, time, and effort we keep on giving you would be worth it?”

Of course, Education cannot literally answer all those nagging questions. But let me defend its side. (I’ll try.)

Why are we putting so much on education? Why the extravagance? What’s these ruckus all about?

Here are the three reasons that will make me stand on the side of education. You see, I’m trying to convince myself too.

1. Education must help us find ourselves.

This should be one of the main purposes of education. Though as what I have observed, many instances led us rather to the confusion of who we are. It’s natural though. Identity crisis. 

How I wish this would be the point when education would enter. To priovide variation that would help us realize who we are. To cater to our multiple intelligences. (Shout out to Sir Howard Gardner!) To make us see the individualities of everyone. And to not make us prescribed immediately to whatever the society tries to offer us.

How I wish education would not only focus on taming us, but more on letting us learn how to live with all the untamed characteristics we have.

It should be fun. Numbers, words, homeworks, and tests should not be the focus. It must rather make us more curious and make us want to learn more of the world and who we are. Because if not, 

2. Education must makes us humane.

Human vs Humane. How big difference does that letter e create? The term human alone does make us people higher than animals. But I would love the word humane more. 

Humane means that we’re are more than just breathing creatures with better understanding and judgment. It makes us higher than anybody because we are born with naturally good hearts. We are compassionate, caring, symphatetic, softhearted, and anything that we’ll make us all believe in the goodness of humanity. 

If education can improve not just our brains but also our hearts, then I’ll definitely stick to it’s side.

3. Education must be for survival. 

I still remember my Math Professor back in college. Of course, he taught us numbers and formulas, but what I remember more about him was his quotable quotes. One of which was:

“Education is Survival.”

I’m that kind of student who intently write such words of wisdom more than the lesson itself. And these are what I consider more valuable than anything.

That professor of mine would begin to smile and even laugh at his words. Like it was just a joke. But his white hair and his wrinkles would prove otherwise. What he said was something he had learned through age.

He didn’t explain what he had uttered but being his student for two semesters, he made me realized the value of education.

Education should help us survive. In this world of hate and hunger, education should teach us how to stand and to last.

There’s a Chinese proverb that’s so popular in the teaching world:

Hence, education should not only be enclosed inside the four walls of the classroom. Rather, its effects should echo beyond anyone’s schooling. It must make us better persons by letting us know not just the ABCs of books but more importantly the ABCs of life.

Maybe as a teacher, I am clingy to Education. I think about it, I live it, I breathe it. I even dream of it. But I want to believe that teachers are not the only one concerned here. All of us, humans, are.

At the end of the day, whether we admit it or not, it’s not the grading system that will decide about how educated we are. It might be the people around us. It might be our loved ones. But one things is for sure, it will be a matter between us and ourselves.


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