Day 12: Three Guys I Find Attractive

(Day 12 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

Keshe nemen eh. Nay oh! Nagba-blog lang ako dito. Yung topic, paepal! πŸ˜‚

When I learned about today’s prompt I immediately asked, “Can I just mention one person?”
It’s a difficult thing to do, you know–to name guys (emphasize the s) I find attractive when in fact I only have one. Yes, I only have one guy I find totally attractive. 

Even though, I watch Korean dramas and there are sooo many Oppas to fall for and even though, there are many guys out there to consider, I still have my heart for only one.

Loyalty level 9999999! πŸ˜‚

Actually, the original prompt requires me to write about five guys. That’s too much for me. So, let’s make it three. (Huling tawad! Tapat na poooo!) πŸ˜…

I didn’t consider putting actors on the list because I don’t have much from them. I got one though to consider… Ji Chang Wook.

But I mostly like him because of his portrayal in Healer

(Maybe, I’ll just make another blogpost fot Oppas?) 😍

Anyway, I decided to list three guys here. But I didn’t put their name, just a picture. I mean, a picture of a color I think is related to them. So that it wouldn’t be too obvious. Though it’s already obvious to the people who know me. Aside from that, there are no other clues. Just three more sentences to explain what I find attractive with these guys.

Okay. Let the guessing game begins:

3. Green

-He got that angelic boy-next-door look.

-He’s also into arts and writing and he motivates me to write.

-He’s approachable and a sensitively kind-hearted person.

2. Yellow

-His smoky voice is something you would want to hear.

-He has a good playlist.

-You’d be amazed how talented he is with arts whether digital or traditional.

-He’s handsome and choosy. I’m attracted to people who are choosy. They know their standards and stick with it.

1. Blue

-I’m not just attracted to him. I love him because I feel like we’re connected by something I don’t know.

– We usually rant together. We have lots  of complaints in common.

-He got a list of good songs which he often dedicates to me.

-He had shown me his worst and I still think he is a great person. I can feel the goodness and generosity of his soul.

That’s it. I don’t want to be a fish caught by her own mouth. 

Hehe. Being attracted to a guy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s love. It’s just an admiration for the good qualities. But when it’s true love, it’s the good and bad combined. (Which I admit is applicable to πŸ’™) Cryptic eh? 

How about you? What are the qualities you consider before you get attracted to a person? 

I hope it’s not JUST looks, right? Because if you do, you’ll miss the best part. Definitely. 



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