Day 13: Views on the Shape of (You)

(Day 13 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge) 

“Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.”

That’s exactly the writing prompt today. 

So I won’t talk about Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You here. 

Though I wouldn’t deny the fact that it’s a great sensual song! 😅

Going back, today’s topic is something I wanted to write about. I’ve been holding a lot of rants about how many unnecessary comments I’ve been receiving just because my body isn’t the same with society’s standards.

Have you experienced that too? People give unsolicited comments like:

1. You’re getting fat.

2. You look fragile. Are you sick?

3. You look too young for your age. I thought you’re just in high school?

4. I think you gained weight.

5. You need to start you diet.

6. And so on. And so forth. 

Who among us were able to escape such nasty comments? I guess none. Even celebrities who spend a lot for their appearances get bashed in social media. How much more when it’s just an ordinary person. Ordinary? Pagkain ba ko? (Am I a food?) 😂

I must admit it took me a while not to be affected by these remarks. To be able to easily give you an idea what comments I am receiving, here’s my latest photo during the Moving Up/Recognition Program for our students:

Before you give comments, let me do it for you. Ako na teh:

1. I’m too short (5 flat) for my age which is by the way 24. 😂

2. I also look too young to be in her mid 20s. I got this baby face which makes people tag me as forever young.

3. I’m petite and looks underweight. My BMI label me as “wasted” 😂 (Etong BMI na to judgmental!)

Those are the opinion of others, now how about mine? Here they are:

1. I only feel short when I really need to reach something too high. Literally. And when I’m surrounded by tall people, I feel like drowning.

2. I enjoy buying clothes because when I eyed something with the Small size then it can easily fit me. If not, I can sew and adjust it myself.

3. Being petite makes other people want to do things for me. Like when I need to carry heavy things, there will always be someone who’ll volunteer to do it for me.

4. I’m 50% fine with my baby face. It makes me know that in the future, while others would be looking like 40s– their real old age–I’d still be looking like mid 20s. Haha. I hope so.

Oops! Not that young. Haha

5. I’ve already accepted my body shape and size. Someone taught me that. He said, he’s fine with how I look. In fact, he thought it was great. And he even mentioned that what matters most is that, a woman like me (inside and out) can do positive effects on him. 😂😅 (Kabogera and lola niyo.)

 Yes. My appreciation of myself came first from another person. But now, I had embraced it well. And I can say, me and my body are in good terms now.

How about you? I hope you’re find with how you look physically. I don’t need to question what’s inside because I’m pretty sure it’s great in there. 

So let’s embrace who we are. Let’s accept the body that encloses our soul. There’s no other body that will. It may wither when time comes. But still… it greatly reflects what’s inside us now. 

It’s about time to take care of our body. Not because the society wanted us to do so. Not because we want to please everybody. But because our mind, body, and soul are so at peace they don’t bully each other. Rather, they stay connected and reflect the greatness of the Creator that made them exist.


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