Day 14: Four Types of Stripes to Love 

(Day 14 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

I was supposed to write about something I wore today, but I haven’t been out of the house for a week now. No. I’m not a recluse. Not yet at least. Haha.

Right now, I’m just recovering from sickness. So I can’t give you decent fashion trend I’m wearing unless you want to talk about pajamas. 😂

Don’t worry, I won’t be stressing you with that. So I decided to put here a fashion trend I was sooooo in love with.


I cannot exactly explain why I love stripes. There’s just something that makes me fall for it.

It’s the apple of my eye when it comes to clothing. I feel better when I wear it. Haha. If there’s what we call comfort food, maybe stripes are my comfort clothes? 😂

So below are the types of stripes I’ve gathered from the web. And to give you the proof that I’m really a sucker for stripes, the types mentioned are accompanied by some of my photos wearing it.

Disclaimer: I might not be accurate ly matching my clothes and its type. But anyway…

1. Breton Stripes

It’s the iconic stripes which most of us have. It’s a sailor-like stripes inspired from the uniform of the French navy back in the 1850s. (Research research din.)

It is arranged with equal size of stripes with matching two different colors.

Worn during the Christmas Program of our students (December 2016)
Taken at Hotel Luna, Vigan City (December 2016)
Taken at Baguio City (May 2016)

2. Barcode Stripes 

It’s the type with different sizes of stripes closely arranged like a barcode. Like this one:

Taken at Bantay Bell Tower, Ilocos Sur (December 2016)

3. Pin or Pencil Stripes

We oftentimes see stripes with white background larger than the thin stripes. This type was usually suited for men but I guess we’ve overcome the patriarchy even on this part?

After we ate at West Loch Hotel, Vigan City (2016)
School. Photo taken by my student (2016)

Taken because I got my new glasses! Yay!

4. Awning and Jail Stripes
I first thought these two are the same–that they refer to wide sized sripes with solid color on white background. Later, I learned that Jail Stripes are called such because they pertain to the black and white large stripes similar to prisoners’ uniform. I usually prefer this type of stripes when it is blue and white. Gives me the beachy feels. No pun intended.

The famous Calle Crisologo, Heritage City of Vigan
CSI mall, Candon City (2016)

I only realized how many stripes clothes I wore when I wrote this post. Maybe, I was a zebra in my past life? Haha. No.

Wait. There’s more.

Burnham Park, Baguio City (May 2016)
Rooftop of Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City (December 2016)
Just an insignificant door, Vigan City. 😂

How about you? Are you a zebra too? I mean, do you also have this weird penchant for stripes? ❤️ Or is it just me?

And to end this note, let me leave a trivia from my ancestors. (Kidding!)


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