0002: You and the Night

Sometimes, I watch the shining stars at night

Smile crosses my face when the sky is bright

But as time passes by, I wait for a familiar sight

To come near me and be my guiding light

When the clock ticks ten, I know it’s right

To keep my wishes in a bottle not kept too tight

I let them fly with the wind and reach your side

Let them kiss my message to you, a warm goodnight

Can you be with me, let’s fly with our dream

May our thoughts collide, let both our heart sing

The stars will be our guide we don’t even need wings

Please hold my hand, whatever this journey brings

The night is young, it will never reach its end

Our love can dance with the moon as it bends

I want to be with you in this hot summer’s den

Feelings flowing, wilder than the galaxies within

© Kizzel Mina


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