Day 17: Five Things to be Proud of

(Day 17 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge)

It’s difficult to write about something I’m proud of. I don’t usually brag things I really feel happy about. Not that I am ungrateful, but I just want to be silent about them and just feel their presence. 

(Life Tip: Don’t let people know why you’re happy. They would love to destroy it.)

But I want to write this, not just because it’s part of the challenge, but because I want to look back to the things that make my heart full up to now.

(Another life tip: Focus on the things that make you happy. Count your blessings.)

I guess I had poured already on my previous posts the people and things that make me contented. But there’s more to share, of course. 

Here are they are:

1. Awards

Plaque of Recognition: Most Outstanding Student Publication

People say it’s not about the awards and the medals. But c’mon! They make us feel appreciated once in a while. It’s not about the physical thing, right? But it’s the priceless feeling this things can give us. Sometimes we just need something tangible to remind us pf our humble achievements–the fruits of our hardworks.

2. Books

My Babies!

I got a hundred already. This is one of my dreams: to have my own library. They are like little trophies symbolizing a time well spent with words and wonderful stories of adventure and love. 

I am a proud bibliophile!

3. Artworks 

I feel blessed to also be able to paint and sketch too. The gift of words is too much already but God was so generous to enable me to express myself more through lines and colors. 

I’m proud of every artwork I make. They make me feel connected to the depths of my soul and the world (or the universe rather). πŸ˜…

4. Compositions

Aside from my artworks, I am also proud of every composition I make. I mean, my essays and poems. I read them once in a while and they make me want to give myself a tap on my shoulder. Every writer knows the hardships of battling with a blank paper or monitor. πŸ˜…

 My compositions make me proud that for once I was able to express my thoughts with such strong words and precise arrangement.

5. Experiences

I’m happy to experience a lot of things. Either personally or vicariously. There are good and bad of course but all of them add up to my wonderful view of the world today. 

All these made me find my balance. 

I’m thankful and proud for the places I was able to step into and the places I’m going to visit someday. I’m also proud to be able to have a good life–to share with the people I love and people who appreciates my craft. 

How about you? What are the things you are proud of? 

I realized it’s a good thing to look back to these things once in a while. They made me feel that life is indeed a gift. 

That at one point, we got the things we really need…

from a generous God.


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