Book Review & Quotes: Amy Zhang’s Fall into Place

To put it straight, it is a sad book.

It is a sad book especially if you are going through a lot right now and in need of a good escape. I was like that. I thought this book was a feel-good read. The cover in sky-blue was too hopeful for the plot. But as they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” And that definitely applies here.

The book (or e-book on my case) is made up of hopelessness, despair, and everything we go through when we have nothing else to look forward. 

No wonder the story revolves around people whose lives have been put in a black whirlwind of bullying, drugs, negligence, and other issues society has. It was even able to cover our immense desire to satisfy people’s expectations which is destructive to ourselves in the first place.

It took me two days to finish it. And though it’s not the book I needed right now, it didn’t fail to give me a tinge of Hope on the last pages. I hope you’ll find it there too.

By the way, here are my own pick of top twenty-two quotes from the book:

1. “the world oddly delicate, as though everything had turned brittle and was on the verge of falling apart”

. “She forgot, sometimes, that she could make her own choices.”

.“She wished to be happy, and fell asleep with an entire sky above her.”

. “I promise her what no one else can. I promise her, always.”

. “but she doesn’t understand absolutes. She doesn’t see why one side is completely right and the other completely wrong.”

. “Seven days, seven chances. She would wake up seven more times and search again for a reason to go on. She would give the entire world a week to change her mind.”

. “Out of the seven billion people sharing the planet with her, not one of them knew what was going through her head. Not one of them knew that she was lost. Not one of them asked.”

. “that some things fell apart so better things could fall together.”

. “sometimes I forget that I’m alive.”

. “She was tired of seeing all of the same things over and over again; she was tired of running in circles. She didn’t want to chase anymore.”

. “She wanted to know how Galileo and Newton and Einstein discovered the things they discovered. She wanted to know how they could have lived in the exact same world as everyone else but see things that no one else did.”

. “He embraced his weirdness, and it was nice.”

. “He found that there were still beautiful things in the world, and nothing could ever change that.”

. “love you. People threw them around so easily, as if they were nothing, as if they meant nothing.”

. “because he believed in broken things.”

. “She will not let her father teach her about constellations, because she will not trap the stars. She lives in a world made entirely of sky.”

. “It was supposed to teach them critical thinking and twenty-first-century skills and time management and other useless crap.”

. “It was very precious to her, suddenly, life”

. “[She] had grown up so safe and sheltered and spoiled that she had learned little during her life except how to lie”

. “She just didn’t know how to stop. She had been on autopilot for too long.”

. “He watches you, like, all the time in school. I can’t believe you haven’t noticed before. It’s totally cute—not creepy at all. Maybe watches isn’t the right word, then. But he pays attention,”

. “She remembered how desperately she had once loved the sky”

“FALLING INTO PLACE. Copyright © 2014 by Amy Zhang.”


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