My Summer Book Haul

There’s always something about books. Maybe, it is their scent? their colorful covers? their shape that when piled looks so attractive (at least for me)? their enclosed worlds and stories? Or maybe all of the above.

For me, it is not just about books, rather it is always about collecting them. 

Today, my new babies arrived. And I’m so delighted that I wanted to write a post about it.

Actually, these books are not new. They are preloved. I bought them from Shopee, an online store here in the Philippines. 

I only ordered three books to see whether products described as not new but “in good condition” are really that good. And I must say they are!

I ordered Paulo Coelho’s Aleph which was not available in our locality and I’ve been searching for it for so long. I got it for only P199 when in fact its price tag at the back says its P549. I also had two from Nicholas Sparks. One is Safe Haven which is also P199 but is originally P315 and the other one is The Lucky One which is priceless, I mean, I don’t know the price but it is hardbound so it must cost more than P148 which is the price I bought it.

Well, I’m not talking about prices because I want to brag but because I want to emphasize that being a bookworm doesn’t mean that we spend a lot of money in books. Not that we don’t spend, but we can spend less. As long as we know how to look for alternatives, we can manage well. Thank you very much. In Filipino, we call it wais, masinop, matipid, o madiskarte. In Iloko, kuripot. Haha. Mostly these words are related to being economical. (Now that sounds like a textbook!)

Anyway, I had been ordering a lot from online stores for the past months or years already. They seem to be less expensive. But let us not use the word cheap to describe them.

Here they are:

I got these from Online National Bookstore when they were giving 20% off to all the books.

Meanwhile, I got these haul because I badly wanted a copy of Juan Miguel Severo’s Habang Wala pa Sila. I needed to add three more books to avail the free shipping. Btw, these are from online NBS too.

And these ones are from a bookshop I found in Instagram. It’s called Murang Books (Affordable Books). They are mostly classics ammounting from P50 to P150 only! That’s why it had been a heavy parcel. Hehe.

So there you go. This summer’s book haul which I hope would be grow more though I’m getting less and less time to read them. I got more than a dozen unread books already but just what I have said there’s something with the feeling that goes with the anticipation of the arrival of books which will find a new home in you. πŸ“šπŸ“–


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