Love is Love.

As usual, I was on Facebook lazily scrolling until I reached a post in which there’s this local celebrity who got married to a businessman who happens to be a lot older than her. So I checked the comments expecting to read positive comments or best wishes and the like. But to my disappointment, I just read words of close-minded  people. 

So I watched the 3-minute video of the coverage of their wedding and I must say a lot of people who commented negatively must not have watched it. I was crying the whole time watching it. I always cry watching weddings like that–especially during the exchange of vows.

For me, age (or any other differences) will never be an issue when it comes to love. 

So I commented back on the post:

If you cry that much on your wedding day, you would know it’s real. You would know that your love story is something that has gone through a lot and yet still manage to stand still. To the couple, best wishes. And to those who are criticizing, I hope someday you will find a kind of love that will make you understand how true love works.

By the way, I’m 24 and my better half is just four years ahead. So, the mentioned scenario is nothing I can relate to. But still. Love is love.


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