Are smart girls more attracted to intelligent guys?

I saw an article on Facebook that theorizes how smart ladies tend to be more attracted to intelligent guys whom they can talk about everything like politics, philosophy, and all.

And here’s what I think about it:

Not really. lol. I still believe on that “click”... No matter how intelligent or mentally stimulating you are, if you’re not someone whom I can feel this inexplicable connection to, we will be good as friends but not more than that.

But still, intelligence is a great factor with the connection. Maybe 90%? But the 10% connection thingy means more than anything. At least, for me.

By the way, my better half is more intelligent than me but he always insists otherwise. So, I don’t know.

Let’s stop theorizing about love, maybe? After all, it’s supposed to be felt rather than explained. 

What do you think? 



7 thoughts on “Are smart girls more attracted to intelligent guys?

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  1. This is so true! :)) Also, how do we figure “smart” There are street smarts and books smarts. I consider myself as book smart and the guy that I really like is more of a street smart. I think the connection really, is more important. And true, we shouldn’t theorize love

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