The Sunday Currently | Volume 19

Hi, there. It’s a busy Sunday. Somehow. And guess what? It’s our last official summer vacation. Teacher’s life eh? 😭
So I planned to just lie in bed all day. But I can’t. Today’s my brother’s celebration for his birthday and college graduation so of course I’m tasked to help with the chores. 

One thing about such celebration here in the Philippines is the fact that many people will attend once you invited them (or even not). We really have a big community and that means not just relatives but the whole barangay! Haha. 

Explaining: The featured picture. She’s my pamangkin (niece). Sadie. Ain’t she cute? She doesn’t always cry like normal irritated babies do. Other babies freak me out especially when I can’t pacify them. Haha. Guess who’s our favorite visitor today?

More oozing cuteness:

Feeling: Tired. Too many happened in a day.

Eating: None. I’m craving for something aside from the food we prepared.

Reading: I’m done with Paulo Coelho’s Aleph. So maybe, I’ll resume with Kafka on the Shore.

Looking: For extra income. I’ve been recklessly buying things and books again. Online shops! What are you all doing to me? 😭

Thinking: Of work tomorrow. It makes me weak. I haven’t enjoyed my summer that much. It was full of problems and all.

Appreciating: Our relatives whose homes are even 2-hour ride away from ours but managed to come and joined us in our celebration.

cousins in the house

Craving: For my love’s presence.

Wishing: For rest.

Missing: My peace of mind. lol

Thanking: God for all the blessings we receive this week.

By the way, thank you for all those who had followed the blog, 186 people to be exact. One hundred eighty-six and counting. Feel free to share your thoughts. And thank you for being around. It means a lot.

Until next Sunday. πŸ˜‰


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