The Sunday Currently | Volume 20

What a beautiful Sunday it is when Monday is declared a holiday! Yay! Priceless. 😍
Philippines will celebrate it’s Independence Day tomorrow and there will be no classes. You’re a teacher if you know how biiiiiig deal that would be.

Anyway, I skipped last Sunday’s post because I wasn’t feeling well. Sort of. Not physically sick tho. I just don’t feel like thinking deep because the school year started again.

Anyway, here are my thoughts for now:

Explaining: The featured picture. I’m back to sketching and my other hobbies. Someone commented on one of my Instagram posts that I should post another sketch. That made me realize it’s been a while since I made one. Btw, it’s Liza Soberano, one of my favorite subjects. Is there a resemblance? I hope so.

Feeling: Happy. Manic Monday no more. 😍 At least, for tomorrow.

Eating: Binatog. Haha. I tried searching if there’s such food in other countries but my research turn to none. Okay, let me try explaining it in English: it’s boiled white corn kernels with milk and shredded coconut. Does that make sense? Anyway, here’s a website that explains better than me: Binatog Recipe.

Reading: Currently, I’m into Rainbow Rowell’s Attachment. So far, the story is not gripping my attention yet. Let’s see as we move forward.

Remembering: I attended a debut last Thursday. And it was a great party. I’ve been one of the 18 candles and here’s a picture of mine giving my message to the debutant, my second cousin.

Looking: For a sketch of a girl with emphasis on her long hair. I’m inspired by Sheena Liam‘s embroidery and I’m planning to try her doing the same. Like these:

Thinking: Of what to do in my classes. Actually, I got all my lesson plans and activities ready; even my instructional materials are ready. It’s just that I’m the one who’s not ready. Ottoke. 😭

Thinking Again: Of what to write for an article. My former publication back in college invited me to write a comeback column. I already have an idea what to write about. I’m just figuring out how to express my thoughts well.

Appreciating: My art. Haha. Who would do it first aside from myself. πŸ˜‚

Check  more of my art on Instagram. ☺️

Craving: For his presence.

Wishing: For calmness. May I not freak out when I encounter misbehaving students. 

Missing: My peace of mind. lol

Thanking: God for all the blessings I receive this week.

By the way, thank you for all those who had followed the blog, 200 people to be exact. Two hundred and counting. Feel free to share your thoughts. And thank you for being around. It means a lot.

Until next Sunday. πŸ˜‰


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