Friday Feels | Volume 01

I’ve been silent for a while. My work as a teacher has began again. Now I have lesser time for blogging. 😭

So I’m creating a new thread or whatever you call posts like this. Haha. It’s like the Sunday Currently but it will be posted on Fridays. 

Who wouldn’t be in love with Fridays, anyway?

Fridays seem like a superhero that saves us from all the hardships of the whole week. So I feel like expressing how I feel on this happy day.

I’ll be sharing feelings that will sum up my week. I will mostly share why I feel such. Let’s see…

Happy: We’ll have a long weekend here in the Philippines because of Eid’l Fitr. An extra day to rest means a whole lot!

In love: Heard the song Marry Your Daughter a while ago and I suddenly cried. You might thinks it’s overacting but I really do cry whenever I think of weddings and how my future vow would be like. It would be one of my happiest days…but I’ll definitely cry of happiness and love. That’s for sure. ❀️

Tired: To work is exhausting. But to work as a teacher means more… My feet hurt. My voice turned husky. And my body feels like I’ve been punch by something heavy.

Sad: Yes. I said that I’m happy. But I must say I’m also sad. And that’s possible right? Right, ladies? I just feel incomplete. I’m missing a person a lot.

Confused: I wanted to go to my inaanak’s (niece) birthday on Sunday but I feel so tired. I miss her a lot. 😭

Excited: I just heard that John Green will be releasing a new novel and I’m just soooo soooo excited! He’s my favorite author, by the way and I just love his humor, wordplay, and everything. Reading his books makes me feel like I’m just talking to my best friend.  I’ve read all his books and even a novella. That was years ago. It’s about time for a new book. Ha! At least something good to look forward to.

Relieved: I’m hearing raindrops again and I feel like I’ll have a good and comfortable rest tonight. Rain, its sound and scent, makes me feel at home in a whole new level. β˜”οΈ

Yay! Another week of work is done. I’m thankful to reach another Friday night. It only means I’m still surviving. And I can focus on things I want to do…like reading and sleeping maybe? Haha.

Until next time. I hope we’ll all have a happy weekend! ☺️


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