Saturday Trippin’

Unplanned trips are the best ones. And today is a proof of that.

I agreed to meet my best friend at 9:00 am to accompany her to buy an office table. Unluckily, the table she wanted was out of stock. I ended up buying some baby clothes for my niece’s birthday tomorrow. 😁

Then we went to eat at a Emarleigh’s, one of those shops that sells burger, pasta and frappe. There I ordered mocha frappe and chicken burger:

While my bestie ordered matcha frappe with beef peccadillo. I regretted not ordering the same. Her food tasted better. 😁

After taking selfies and ranting about work, we decided to go home. 

It was such a short meeting. But we both felt like going out further. Then an idea popped up–that we go to a cafe which was not yet mainstream. Er. I mean only few people know about it. I don’t know why.

So as we reached the place, we had second thoughts that the chef might not be around but she was. A granny. No wonder the place was called Apo Nena’s Cafe which means Lola Nena or something like that.

By the way it’s located along the national highway of Suso, Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur. 

It seems like we hadn’t eaten a while back because we ordered food again. This time it’s…oh I can’t remember the name. 

Maybe Pesto bread or something. Huhu. I’m not meant for food blogging. 😭

What surprised me about the place is its perfect ambience. This makes me wonder more why people never go here a lot. The place was shaded with different trees…

 You could watch the river flowing while listening to the sound of the waves of the sea kissing the shore. 

Oh! What a perfect scene to lose one’s self.

We ate our snack again like we hadn’t just eaten 30 minutes ago. πŸ˜‚ I got more time to rant with my best friend about work and adulting. 

We seem to be on the same wavelength with regards to that. Teaching is not an easy job you know. It really exhausts our mind, body, and emotions… So this place is a good spot to run away to.

There are lots of picturesque spots on the place. Good thing both of us have some trainings in photography but we forgot to bring a monopod. That explains why we don’t have lot of photos together.

I still can’t get over with the perfect combination of large trees, cool air and the sight of blue water. 

As we leave the place, we asked the caretakers if there’s a road that leads to the sea nearby. The granny was accommodating in giving us directions.

Before we reach the road, we passed a fire tree, which is my favorite local tree by the way. This is the closest to cherry blossoms that I could get here in the Philippines.

Then we walked towards the beach which happens to be on the other barangay already. I’ve been living here in this town for 24 years and I never thought there’s that secret passage that easily connects the two barangays.

We ended up walking to the shore to reach the national highway. Which is two kilometers away I think. But we never noticed the distance. Hello? It’s the sand and the cool water kissing our feet.

After a while, we sat down to take a rest. And safely reached our homes.

Anticlimactic? Hehe. I’m feeling the exhaustion now. But it was still a good day. It’s a perfect example of a trip that’s unplanned yet proves to be better than the planned ones. 

I hope to have more of this. But nope, I’m just hoping. 

Not planning. 😘
Until next Saturday Trippin’.

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