Friday Feels | Volume 02

It has been a week. Another week to say, “I survived!” As usual, life is tough. Work is tough actually. Did I make wrong choices with my career? I hope not. I got this same tiredness every end of the week and I hate to think that I’m becoming like others who are living waiting for weekends and summers. Nooooo! 😭

Happy: Is there something to be happy about? Hm. None that I could think of.

Heartbroken: My heart this week is too weak. But I’m still having a grip at it. I’m still fighting for love though my heart is getting numb from too much pain. πŸ’”

Tired: Every single end of the day. I’m exhausted. It’s like I always drag myself to reach my bed at the end of the day. Gah! Teaching is a tough job! Physically, mentally, emotionally! In all aspects! Ugh!

Tiredness mold into being 😭

Sad: I got nothing to look forward to. I’m just trying to reach the next paycheck. Adulting is about bills, bills, bills. 😭

Relieved: The only good thing that had happened today (maybe) is that I was able to find a cheap charger for my phone. I’m too frustrated with my old charger. Why did it decided to be ruined when I’m trying to budget my money? Buying new one is not on my plan…but I needed to. Apple! Why are your chargers so weak!

Excited: Well…what is there to be excited about aside from a book which I’m going to start reading this weekend.

Hoping: For a gloomy weather this Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know. I’ll be more restful rather than having a shiny good weather. πŸ™„

Glad: Maureen Wroblewitz won Asia’s Next Top Model! I’ve been following the show since Mau got bullied by her fellow models. Not just because she is a Filipina, but I love that she won despite the fact that she is the youngest, shortest and least experienced. It only makes me love underdogs more when they prove and surprise the world that they can be on top. πŸ’–

Fulfilled: Out of my rants that my job makes me too exhausted and it doesn’t pay me well… At least something good happened today. It’s when a student of mine commented randomly that he enjoys my class. What I like best about what he said is that I’m a unique teacher. He emphasized the fact that I got this different attack when it comes to teaching, that I gave activities which they enjoy as much as they look forward to.πŸ’–

Oh. These are the things that can’t be paid by money. Only if life does pay money at times like this. But no. 😏

Yay! Another week of work is done. I’m thankful to reach another Friday night. It only means I’m still surviving. How about you? What happened to your week? Feel free to share them. 😁

And I hope we’ll all have a happy weekend! Until next time! ☺️


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