Hearts Singing with the SongSong

Randomly, I was browsing in Instagram then I came up with @iamrobidomingo’s video in which he was playing on the piano a soundtrack of Descendants of the Sun (DOTS). Then emotions filled me.

It’s not a secret anymore that on October this year, Korean actor Song Joong Ki will marry his DOTS leading lady, Song Hye Kyo

It’s a dream come true for fans who wanted the happy ever after of Dr. Kang and Big Boss to not just end with them kissing in a shipwreck along a beautiful coastline.

So our hearts are jumping as their love story got its version in reality. How surprised we were that SongSong can come true?

I got no idea that things will lead to this. I follow them both in Instagram (hoping that its their real accounts). But it didn’t occur to me that something muchier is happening behind the camera. I thought it’s just pure work.

Rumors about them dating in real life circulated the web since the outbreak of DOTS. But it remained a rumor right? 

Until last week, I read an article in which the two are reported to be together in Bali. The thought of their real-life relationship didn’t leave me since then.

And for only a few days after, here’s the confirmation I’ve been waiting for. The wedding bells couldn’t stop ringing!

It’s like, “Yeah. I want this two together but… Really? Really?”

I’m just so excited for the love life of others. Haha.

But I’m happier for Song Hye Kyo. It’s seems that she had been a part of my growing up (figuratively of course since I didn’t grow much physically). Haha. 

It’s like she was already an actress since I was in Grade 3? 4? 5? That was early 2000s… when the Koreanovela Endless Love was a hit and Filipinos know her as Jenny.

It has been more than a decade already. She was already a well-known Song Hye Kyo back then.

But I fell in love with her more when she became the Jessie Han of Full House. I love how she could perfectly deliver a sassy yet lovely character. 

Full House is my ultimate favorite Koreanovela by the way. So do I need to mention that I’m a fan of BiKyo.

Yes. The love team of Song Hye Kyo and singer/actor, Rain or Bi. I just love them in Full House! It was soooooo perfect! I think that was the start of my admiration to romantic comedies. The story was well built. The lines were funny. Their little quarrels are cute. Their facial expressions even cuter. Hay. There was never a dull moment in it.

But that was it. They didn’t end up together in real life. Sad. It seems like my own heartbreak to see them live their own life separately.

Then earlier this year, Rain was reported to had married his long-time girlfriend, Kim Tae Hee.

I was guilty to be heartbroken at first but then I realized I must be happy that he found the love of his life and decided that she’s really the one he wanted to end up with.

So I was worried about Song Hye Kyo. I wanted her to end up with a good man at least.

And now… After years of waiting foe unnie. She’s settling down with no other than Song Joong Ki!

Hay…These couples must be made in heaven. And I’m just here to watch these things unfold.

I can’t help but be happy for BiKyo for their respective relationships…for the love they had found–though separately. 

But I love them still no matter what. And that won’t change.

Like what they say in Filipino:

“Hindi man naging sila sa huli… Sila pa rin ang first love ko.”

And what made me happier is this news that BiKyo might as well end up as neighbors. 

Haha. Life’s plot twists are indeed cute sometimes.

Aww. What shall we say now aside from love is in the air? Yes right there–right there in South Korea. 💖


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