Friday Feels | Volume 04

Hi. It’s Saturday, already. Haha! But I’m still writing this post for Friday. I was so lazy yesterday to write about this. Maybe it’s an effect of the stress combined from the whole week’s work. And since I recuperated quite a bit, thanks to my 8-hour sleep, I can write down my thoughts now. Here we go…

Happy: It seems as though happiness is a strange thing I cannot fully grasp for a day or longer… It touches me once in a while, mostly seconds but never more than an hour.

Grateful: It’s payday! Haha. Survived another month. But payday means bills also… It’s like you work and work then you pay and pay then you work and work again. It never changes. Oh adult life.

Gloomy: Yes! The weather’s gloomy durig these months and this melancholia can easily creeps into my being. I’m not a scientist but maybe this is similar to what they call osmosis. 

In love: I had a bad dream last night. It’s about him making a fuss about me unfollowing him. It’s like what really happened months before when I blocked him in my iPhone’s contacts. I don’t know what that dream supposed to mean. But it made me soooo emotional.

Tired: No. I’m not tired. I got ample energy left to even take home students’ outputs and check them while watching night-time clichΓ©s on tv. I have my practice teacher (apprentice) for one month and she’ll be taking in charge of my class for Thursdays and Fridays.

Sad: Hm. Yes.

Confused: I’m confused about my confusion. Does that even make sense? 

Relieved: None to be relieved about. I received a memo that I need to attend a meeting next Saturday. Here comes again work eating all of my time as if it had brought my soul and all already. Duh.

Excited: I’m only excited about the couple shirts I had bought. Hope they’ll arrive soon.

Hoping: For something to be happy about–something to look forward to.

Fulfilled: There are so many things my soul still craves for. Recently, our boss told me that I’ll be promoted. I know I should be happy but I can’t even fake it for myself. There’s still something in me that says I’m not where I’m supposed to be.

Yay! Another week of work is done. I’m thankful to reach another Friday night. It only means I’m still surviving. How about you? What happened to your week? Feel free to share them. 😁

And I hope we’ll all have a happy weekend! Until next time! ☺️


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