Friday Feels | Volume 05

I’m having a bad day. It’s one of those days when sadness is just an understatement of everything that happens within me. It’s chaos. It’s like everything is not on its proper place. This happens every once in a while. And I’m still caught off guard every time it happens.
Happy: I don’t even know how to feel happy anymore. It’s not that I’m trying. But… But happiness doesn’t want me that much.

Grateful: That another working week is over. 

Gloomy: I feel alone. I watched a romcom movie last night. I should stop myself from watching such because it only slapped me with emotions I can’t have…of love that’s impossible.

In love: No comment.

Tired: Yes. And what makes me feel more tired is the fact that I still have work tomorrow. I need to attend this meeting because I’m the English Coordinator of our school. Hayyy. Why do work steal so much of my me-time?

Sad: That’s not enough to describe what I’m feeling.

Confused: Maybe this is a better word. I’m confused of what’s happening. I’m following my heart though. And I know how treacherous it is. But anyway.

Relieved: I want to. I badly needed to be relieved. 

Excited: I’m thinking whether I should buy a new lappy or a projector. 

Hoping: For thing to get better.

Fulfilled: I’m not. I hope I could be where I’m supposed to be.

Another week of work is done. I’m thankful to reach another Friday night. It only means I’m still surviving. How about you? What happened to your week? Feel free to share them. 

And I hope we’ll all have a happy weekend! Until next time! 

10 thoughts on “Friday Feels | Volume 05

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  1. Maybe it’s just one of those days when the hormones are not doing their job properly lol. Take it back to the basics, sleep, drink (if you do), play games, watch a series so so and most importantly.. eat. Maybe we all need just some fresh air to begin with. Working people are always stuck on a routinary kind of activities. Take a bit of zigzag x)

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      1. Hahaha let it go for now. Some things really take time to heal or cool down. We’re just humans, we seek immediate closure and faster ways to deal with how we feel when in fact those usually result to regrets and more problems. Have a nice weekend! It will soon be sunshine x)

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  2. Fridayyyyy, I planned to get up early on Saturday (today) to go on a nearby library… to re-think life kasi I feel I’m having the quarterlife crisis. But it’s 12:36 pm na and I’m still reading blogs. Nyahahaha. I hope you’ll get better, Teacher Kizzel.

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