Friday Feels | Volume 07

Hi! It has been a tiring day. Many activities happened in the school and I’m tired but not the kind of tiredness that makes me feel awful. In fact, I surprisingly feel great. Maybe because I survived this week. Or maybe because tomorrow’s another Saturday. Oh well.

Happy: Yes, I am. I’ve been productive today. I did a lot of things since today’s our culminating program as well as NutriJingle competition which was supposed to be last July. But hey! The weather was cruel lately. And we can’t do it. But surprisingly, today the sun rays made their appearance. 🌞

Champion, Nutri-Jingle 2017

So while finishing my paper for promotion, I was also tasked to introduce the officers of the school’s English Club for them to be inducted. Also, I helped other teachers to prepare our students for the aforementioned contest. We were putting a lot of green-leafy vegetables on them. Haha!

Grade 9 Contenders

Then in the afternoon, I was asked to be one of the judges for the Poster and Slogan contest. And then I was rushing to check my students’ portfolio entries to be ready for distribution on Monday.

I have to admit that the more work I do, the happier I am. Maybe these are signs of being workaholic. Don’t worry, I won’t deny. I am.

Grateful: I was able to finish my papers for promotion today. Not that happy in a way that I would want to run to the mountains and shout my joy, but it’s more of being grateful. At least we’re moving forward right? 

So finishing the papers was big deal since it was my fourth time to print my copies of PDS (Personal Data Sheet). The first one was handwritten then they asked us to encode it. Then there were some minor errors and that meant it should be reprinted. 😭 It was four pages and we needed to print four copies. Not to mention that I needed to glue my pictures again and also put my right thumbmark. 😰

Gloomy: No. Not now. 

In love: Yes. Receiving random calls before I sleep is something that makes my heart refuel with love. Shoutout to mi love! 😘

Tired: Energized actually. After what I did today, I feel that I still have some energy left. Maybe I’ll read a book or watch kdrama? What do you think?

Sad: Nooooo! 

Confused: Nooooo!

Relieved: That I’ll meet my best friends again tomorrow. We will enroll our thesis writing for our Master’s degree. Praying that we’ll be able to finish it this year. πŸ™πŸ»

Excited: That I’ll go to the city tomorrow. We’ll see if I could have time to buy a new musical instrument. Hihi. I’ll reveal it to you soon!

Hoping: For a time with my ❀️.

Fulfilled: Yes! 

So before I end this post, let me share a photo with my fellow teachers in which we’re imitating a recent trend in the social media:


Yay! Another week of work is done. I’m thankful to reach another Friday night. It only means I’m still surviving. How about you? What happened to your week? Feel free to share them. 😁

And I hope we’ll all have a happy weekend! Until next time! ☺️


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