And was it all yellow? Or red?

It’s raining. In fact, there’s a typhoon somewhere north. I was waiting for this news program to give an update regarding the weather but I’m not sure if that part was aired already…because after three commercial breaks or so, the highlight is still given to the issue which captured everyone’s attention these past few days.

I won’t give much explanation about the issue. You could just hit Google and many articles would immediately pop up. Or you could log on to your Facebook account and after some scrolling it will surely appear on your newsfeed. Or you could just watch tv. Or just listen to the radio. It’s there! 

An alleged drug runner who was killed.

He’s a minor.

He was killed by policemen.

These might be an eye opener to all of us. Maybe, it’s about time to check how the current administration handles this filthy business among the greedy called drug trafficking. Or maybe it’s another proof of how uncontrollable and unimaginable the situation of drug trade in our country is– that it even infiltrated the supposed-to-be innocent stratum of the society.

Whether the minor is guilty or not or whether the policemen’s actions are right or not, one thing is for sure. There’s something wrong. 

But I am not one of those who had written about this issue who can point my finger to anybody. Because in the first place, I don’t know who to blame. I was not there. True enough there are witnesses, CCTVs, and all other evidence. But if we let our emotions conquer us, we could be blinded.

That’s what the media is doing now, by the way.

Have you noticed that? 

They are aiming to your heart right at that moment when they said that the dream of the killed minor was to become a policeman–which in the end is the job of the persons who killed him. They are aiming to your feelings right at that moment when they said how good and loving kid the victim was. They are aiming to your emotions right at that moment when they are showing his family members crying for justice. And what I cannot forget? When they reported that the young student was shouting moments before his death, “Don’t kill me. I still have a test tomorrow.” 

As a teacher, that shoots my heart more than anything.

It was effective. In fact, I, myself, hated what happened. 

But what irritates me most is how this issue brought an opportunity to the “opportunists” to use it for their own sake. And I don’t want to think that the media is used as tools. But c’mon…after all those multi-angle news pointing to only one thing, what am I supposed to think?

I won’t mention names. But what hurts me most is to think that what if the young life taken was just a sacrificial lamb for this greedy politicians to stage something that would get the sympathy of the people. And once again, encourage most Filipinos to go against the government.

I hate this. 

I hate how things like this make our country divided. There are so many critics arising…so many pedantic netizens who have a lot to say…so many politicians who want to dip their fingers and show how they can help to mitigate the situation. But in the end couldn’t even help a bit. 

I hate this. 

I hate the fact that Philippines has intelligent people and yet, it seems as though it is not moving away from the lowest point it got itself into.

I hate the fact that we let ourself be blinded and be swayed by the scheme these politicians are staging– just for their own sakes.

I hate the fact that we are all disheveled. Fighting for what? Fighting for our own beliefs? Fighting for justice? Fighting for colors? Yellow? Black? Red?

But most of all…

I hate the fact that among the many things to fight for, we forgot to fight for Philippines itself. Our country’s own sake. 

Nakalimutan na natin na nakatira tayo sa Pilipinas. At dapat siyang alagaan.

I hate to think that the people of the Philippines is so divided more than the number of its islands. 

Meanwhile, after all these ruckus…after all the rallies out there, I hope people remember to pick their own trash. 

Figuratively or not.

6 thoughts on “And was it all yellow? Or red?

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  1. Thanks for sharing sis. Very alarming ang balita na to. It is very heartbreaking na napatay ang menor sa ganitong sitwasyon. Nanlaban? Hindi talaga ako naniniwala kasi saan kukuha ang 17 year old na bata ng baril? Kung talagang kasalanan man siya, may tamang proseso para diyan.

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