Friday Feels | Volume 09

Hi there! I had not written last week’s Friday post and I’m late with this one. I was very tired last night so I opt not make one but since our graduate class is cancelled today (yayyy), I’m here to make up for my missed posts. 😁

Happy: Quite. I’m happy but my soul can’t lie. It has a missing piece I can pinpoint yet. Ugh. I hate this feeling.

Grateful: That it’s a long weekend again. Monday is a holiday. On Tuesday we will be preparing for the NCAE, then the next two days will be the examination dates. After that, it will be another Holiday. Geeez. I miss teaching. This is weird.

Gloomy: The weather is. I just don’t know about me.

Tired: Yes! Intramurals was held last Wednesday and Thursday…After that was the Municipal meet. I took charge of the photojournalists of the school publication to take pictures of the different sports. Here are my fave shots so far…

Sad: Worried is the right term.

Confused: Yes. I need to hear from him soon! 😭

Relieved: That I have a long weekend to fix my thesis proposal.

Excited: None to be excited about. Without this typhoon Jolina, I should have been with my friends now…πŸ™„

Hoping: πŸ”΄

Fulfilled: No. Haha. There’s a lot of things to do. I don’t like the fact that I have to rest this time then after this long weekend, it will be a weekend-less. I mean, I have a seminar to attend to and they always do such during Saturdays and Sundays. Oh well. 

By the way, the featured picture was captured by one of my students during the opening program of the District Meet. Stolen, eh? I don’t even remember what I was thinking that time with such expression. Haha ☺️

Yay! Another week of work is done. I’m thankful to reach another Friday night. It only means I’m going still surviving. How about you? What happened to your week? Feel free to share them. 😁

And I hope we’ll all have a happy weekend! Until next time! ☺️


3 thoughts on “Friday Feels | Volume 09

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  1. You’ll find that missing piece na nagstostop sa’yo from being 100% happy. It will come. Hehe. πŸ™‚

    My week so far has been… okay. Walang bago. Nakakaloka na ang life na ito. Hahahaha

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